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Yes, for now it is completely free.

Mostly because I'm having fun making it and it doesn't cost me a lot.

If it gets to the point where it's costing me a lot or I'm not enjoying making it, maybe I'll figure out how to make money from it.

I don't know, maybe I'll see if someone wants to advertise or something, but no popups because I hate popups and if I wouldn't use it when doing therapy then why would anyone else?

Maybe I'll charge a few bucks a month, but only what I think I'd be happy to pay.

No idea, honestly.

Please give me feedback.

Tell me what works, what doesn't work, what you wish it could do and what is pointless.

Send me a message and I'll answer it and add it to the FAQ.

Activities Questions

Pick an activity and play with it.

The plants control the size of your pen - the bigger the plant the bigger the pen tip.

The crayons control the color.

Have your client tell you the word he or she finds and then tell you where it is using the X, Y coordinates by saying something like "Go across to the number 4 and down to the number 6 and the word 'ball' starts there." Then circle the word with the pen.

You can drag the player icons onto the board and move them around.

You can drag the dicebox wherever you want. Click the button to roll the dice.

If you want the dice box to show the total of the dice, click the button.

Have your client tell you which cards to flip, then click on the cards to flip them.

If you want to mix the cards around, click the button at the top so the cards won't flip when you drag them.

When someone gets a pair, drag the pair to their area to keep track of the score.

Have your student tell you where to drag each word or picture so that they are all categorized correctly on the board.

The puzzle pieces are all mixed together so you need to sort them out and drag them around.

Have your student tell you where to drag each piece of the puzzle so that the puzzle is complete.

This activity is great for prepositions, attention to task, sequencing events (outside pieces before inside pieces, corners before sides, etc.), using descriptive words, and many more language goals.

Send me a message and I'll answer it and add it to the FAQ.


You probably have your zoom level set to something other than 100% in your browser.

Try setting it to 100%.

When I changed mine it took me a few days to get used to it and it seemed really small, but now it just looks normal.

Send me a message and I'll answer it and add it to the FAQ.

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